September 26, 2007


The Vancouver Int'l Film Fest is under way in two days. I figure now is as good a time as any to finally get my film blog going - something I've been meaning to do for a year now. With any luck, I'll get into some of the movies I actually want to see, as opposed to some of the lugubrious dreck I was forced to sit through last year when all the plan-A stuff sold out. Wish me luck.


Chris said...

Too bad you missed "Masters of Killing" this year. 3 of the shorts that preceded it were pretty cool actually, and the main feature was an over-the-top funcake with bloody icing.

But then there was 'De-Orbited: Like a Scale in Zero Gravity'. Ambitious. Awful. Confusing. Embarassing at times. Overall, it was inspiring. We (Amanda and I) may cast you in a remake/spinoff that is currently in development. Be ready.

John P. said...

I wanted to get to 'Masters' but my schedule was pretty full up.

I'm ready for some capital-A Acting though.