July 1, 2008

Wet Hot Canadian Summer

I've been meaning to update more, I really have... but the problem is that most of the movies immediately following awards season are utter dross. (Well, that and my profound, pathological laziness. I think I might have an iron deficiency.)

But seriously. A movie about an adorable robot, a movie about a guy in a robot suit, and a movie prominently featuring Sylvester Stallone are the three best things I've seen this year. That is discouraging. When I see shit like Speed Racer, I don't want to go home and write about it. I want to pour myself a stiff drink and play with a loaded gun.

WALL*E was phenomenal, though, and it reminded me that I like writing about movies as well as watching them. So I'll have a review of that one up soon. I'm also going to be writing about older films for an unnamed magazine (if our mutual lack of communication hasn't already rendered me persona non grata there - in which case I'll just post those pieces here).


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Steve V said...

But the guy in the Robot suit was ME!